Using DBS PayLah! for ComfortDelgro Taxi ride incurs administration fee

PayLah! is an electronic wallet of DBS. I used PayLah! to pay for my recent taxi ride on a ComfortDelgro taxi from Airport. This method of e-payment charged me 30 cents of administration fee (inclusive of GST). Had I known that the 30 cents charge will not be waived, I would pay my taxi fare in cash.

I checked the DBS website afterwards and realised that the promotional period of waiving 30 cents administration fee ends on 30 September 2019.

That is the problem with cashless payment in Singapore. One never knows what are the charges a person will be paying on cashless payment mode. It will be too late once he had paid for the service. The extra administration fee had been charged. The above case shows one example.

Cashless payment does not mean it is free. There are always fees to pay for the convenience of cashless payments. So cash is still the best.

Even the amount of 30 cents is small, it is the principle I am talking about. To encourage Singapore to go cashless in a big way, additional fees turn me off.

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Moving in different directions – Stock Markets

We are into the middle of November. Stocks markets were diverging. For the two weeks into November, the American and European (except UK) main stock indices were putting in good performances. France, Germany, US key indices rose between 2.7% to 3.7%.

Stock Indices 31-Oct-19 15-Nov-19 Change
CAC 40 (France) 5,729.86 5,939.27 3.7%
Dow Jones (USA) 27,046.23 28,004.89 3.5%
Nasdaq (USA) 8,292.36 8,540.83 3.0%
Germany DAX 12,866.79 13,241.75 2.9%
S&P 500 (USA) 3,037.56 3,120.46 2.7%
Australia All Ordinaries 6,772.90 6,898.90 1.9%
Nikkei 225 (Japan) 22,927.04 23,303.32 1.6%
UK FTSE 100 7,248.38 7,302.94 0.8%
Mumbai BSESN 40,129.05 40,356.69 0.6%
STI (Singapore) 3,229.88 3,238.86 0.3%
Hang Seng (HK) 26,667.71 26,326.66 -1.3%
Shanghai Composite 2,939.32 2,891.34 -1.6%

At the bottom of the list above, Shanghai Composite Index lost 1.6% and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index lost 1.3%. The Straits Times Index (STI) was flat with an increase of 0.3%.

With lower interest rates globally, investors are putting money into equities for dividend yields and capital gains. The US is the beneficiary of capital flows since its economy is not expected to slow down significantly this year. The picture is different for China and Hong Kong.

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Protect those who are dependent on you

We heard of many cases of child abuse. For a child, his parents are the only ones to provide care for him. He cannot pack and leave the house just like that when he is abused. Abuse refers to both physical and mental abuse. He is so dependent on his parents for his upbringing, for food, for clothing and for shelter. He cannot retaliate since he is smaller. Children require parents to love them and to protect them.

I know parenting can be heavy responsibilities. Some child can be difficult to manage and discipline. But this should not be the excuse to hit him or to scold him publicly. Accord the child some dignity. Reasoning and plenty of love would help. Discipline him in private out of love and not in a rage. Always remember the child is the most vulnerable and the weaker one.

The same can be said about vulnerability and weaker persons or living beings in our midst. They too deserve our protections. The list includes our ageing parents, the domestic helpers staying under the same roof. Even small animals and insects require our protection. They are the weaker ones. They depend on us not to kill them.

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Some office events still disturbed me

One would have thought that past unpleasant events would be forgotten after all these years. Not so. Flashes of these still occurred once in a while. I still dreamt about them sometimes.

Competition within the same rank for recognition was real. It was worse, when you were given heavier and juicier responsibilities than your peers. Jealousy was displayed, cold shoulders and non-communicative behaviour were the result. You did not know why the person behaved in the way he/she did.

Inter-departmental rivalry was next. Woes upon you when you were given a project by your boss that could have been given to the other department. The other department felt that you were encroaching and its personnel would put up obstacles to prevent you from carrying out the project. They were simply uncooperative.

You would not want to appear weak by complaining to higher up. Simply put, you had no one to turn to for help. Most middle management could be caught in this kind of dilemma. You would hear problems from your subordinates. Some middle level managers kept to themselves with their own problems for fear that they were perceived that they could not cope. You were sandwiched, giving support to your subordinates but not getting support for yourself.

Sitting through a disciplinary hearing of your colleague was another unpleasant event. You saw your boss questioning your colleague reducing his/her dignity in this kind of hearing. You could not see this colleague again as before without knowing at the back of your mind what had transpired in the disciplinary hearing.

Office politics were not pleasant. The collegial behaviour is not always present. One must recognise these mental stresses on staff members. If not addressed, you could still be having flashes of unpleasant office events years later.

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Gallop Extension of Singapore Botanic Gardens

It is recommended that you visit this Gallop Extension next year (2020) when all the attractions on site are completed. Only two attractions are ready for visitors on this 8-hectare forest: The Mingxin Foundation Rambler’s Ridge and the OCBC Arboretum.

This Gallop Extension is the newest addition to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It is located to the west of Tyersall Avenue separating the Gallop Extension from the main Singapore Botanic Gardens.

To get there, you can walk alongside the car park that is beside the Learning Forest and then cross the Tyersall Avenue to the Gallop Extension. (Do not get INTO the Learning Forest.)

The Rambler’s Ridge rises to 40 metres with stone-steps up and down for a hike. These steps are higher than most everyday steps we encounter like the steps on the overhead bridge. There are ropes on the side to help those with knee problems to climb up and then walk down to the ground level. You can get close to the tropical forest trees that are typical ones found in the mountains of Southeast Asia. These trees can survive in the harsh windy conditions of these mountains.

The OCBC Arboretum is created for conservation and research of dipterocarps, family of trees in a tropical rain forest.

If you cannot wait for all the attractions to be ready next year, you can walk the Singapore Botanic Gardens and then get onto the Gallop Extension as part of the walk in the gardens. One can approach the Gallop Extension by going towards the National Orchid Garden and then walk to the car park beside the Learning Forest.

What I did this morning was to start-off from the Botanic Gardens MRT station. Walk towards the National Orchid Garden and then get into the Gallop Extension. The whole walk took me less than two hours together with the return journey back to the Botanic Gardens MRT station. This morning sun was hot and it is advisable to bring a hat, sunshades and to apply sun-block cream. Bring along water for drinking.

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Do not keep your appreciation unexpressed

Why is it that we find it difficult to say “I appreciate what you have done for me”, “I appreciate your kindness”? Is this an Asian thing, to keep our innermost feelings under wrap? I am referring to genuine appreciations from the hearts and not mere words that are not sincere. I am one such person. Even writing this piece is not easy.

I came into contact with so many people in my life. Each one helped me along in different ways. I took it for granted and it did not occur to me to express my appreciations readily. Looking back at those years, I said to myself: “I could have done better”.

The closest persons in my life right now are my wife and my daughter. A woman’s instinct is to care and is almost universal. Look around us and you will see how mothers care for their children. That care extends to her family.

So when you have a meal at home, in this case my wife cooks, appreciate it and like my daughter used to say after a meal: “This is a good meal”.

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Curious Thing about Fame

You are famous! Read about you in the news. People want to emulate you. I wish I had your charm and success. I am just envious.

Fame comes to you in relation to something. You have discovered a cure. You have invented something. You have won in a competition. You have excelled in your profession.

Fame is the result of people noticing you and are talking about you.

Fame only last for a while and years later you become ex-somebody. Some other new fame comes along that takes the shine from you.

You want to pursue more fames, one is not enough. Your fame fades once you resigned and left the office. It had been relegated into background and history. People forget about your glorious days.

Fame is a transient thing. Fame cannot exist in vacuum. You need the supporting environment to have fame. You may have invented something and people around you are not aware, then fame does not exist. You may have a beautiful voice and you are not pursuing a singing career, fame does not come to you.

By all means, do your best and let fame takes care of itself. There is no point clinging to fame or chasing fame that is out of reach. Ultimately fame fades.

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