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Temptation of new condominium and new car

You got a windfall because of the en-bloc collective sale. The amount of payment for your unit in the sale is $2.35 million. What do you do with the money? You will need to find another house because you live … Continue reading

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MAS Monetary Policy Statement

The latest quarterly statement from MAS was released on 10 April 2007 on their website. Analysts and financial journalists studied the statement to understand the macroeconomic environment facing Singapore. They also tried to study signs of the monetary policy stance … Continue reading

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“For one more day” by Mitch Albom

For one more day by Mitch Albom This is a fiction by Mitch Albom. It narrates the story of Charley Benetto and his relationship with his mother and father as he grew up and when he himself was a father … Continue reading

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Coming back to work

On 4 April, I returned to my workplace after taking a break of 6 months. I left the polytechnic after some 14 years of service late last year. During these 14 years, I have many wonderful colleagues who have become … Continue reading

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Amazing 2 days of trading on Singapore Bourse, Thursday (19 Apr) and Friday (20 Apr)

On Thursday, the STI index shed 3.2%. This was due mainly to the news that China’s economy may be overheating and China may raise interest rate to rein in on the economy. China said that its economy grew 11.1% in … Continue reading

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Correlation between interest rates and currency exchange rates

Singapore Interbank Offered Rate (SIBOR) hit a 17-month low of 2.75% yesterday. (The Straits Times, 18 April 2007, written by Erica Tay). In her concluding remark, she mentioned that interest rates in many Asian economies have been falling on expectations … Continue reading

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Look at Liquidity before investing in SGX traded stocks and ETF

The Business Times journalist commented recently on the low volume of trade for the STI ETF on the Singapore Exchange in his article titled “Do something to boost STI ETF trading” (R Sivanithy, 11 April 2007). On 9 April Monday, … Continue reading

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Dads torn between work and family – Stressed out Asian fathers

In the current issue of TIME Magazine (16 April 2007), the article by Liam Fitzpatrick highlighted the dilemma of Asian fathers who are tugged in opposite directions by responsibilities at work and at home. The numerous academic studies have the … Continue reading

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Things We can do to help slow down Global Warming

TIME Magazine (9 April 2007) carried the main story on Global Warming. We can help to cut carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) into the atmosphere in 51 ways as recommended in the article. Here are some ideas: 1. Change your lightbulbs … Continue reading

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Working Out is GOOD for your BRAIN

The current issue of Newsweek, 9 April 2007, carried articles on EXERCISES and how it can boost brainpower besides building muscles and preventing heart disease. Scientists have coaxed the human brain into growing new nerve cells by simply putting subjects … Continue reading

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