Sources of income to pay for expenses

Now that we know what the expenses are like. The next question is where to get the money to pay for them. If you are still working, the major source of funds is your salaries and wages. If you are not working and have not reached the age of 65 years old, then you have to depend on your investments to generate income to pay for them. After 65 years old, CPF Life starts paying monthly payouts.

I belong to the second category and I have to rely on investments to help me. Ideally, investments should generate sufficient income to pay for your expenses and other spending. This is easier said than done. A lot of time, we have to use our capital to pay for our expenditures (especially during poor investment climate). This reduces our net worth over time.

The next question is where to park our money to achieve investment returns that are sufficient and safe for our investment capital. Well, this is the million-dollar question. One can write a book on investments and there are many books in the market. There are courses on investments that one can take too.

I have reached an age that I cannot afford to take major risk on investments. I have turned conservative and investment returns are moderate commensurate with less risk-taking. As for now, my investment return was about 2.0% in the year that is turning out to be a difficult year. This rate of return is hardly sufficient to cover total expenditures to-date.

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