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“Soy Sauce for Beginners” by Kirstin Chen – A book review

Kirstin Chen brings Singapore to the world by writing this novel. The book was published in New York for international readers. Set in Singapore, the novel describes Singapore and the Chinese family values cleverly through the story of a family-owned … Continue reading

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Second quarter 2014 results

Companies were reporting their financial results for the quarter covering 1 April to 30 June 2014 (Second Quarter 2014). The following table provides information on net profit attributable to shareholders for the quarter and year-on-year change between current period in … Continue reading

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CPF – Voluntary contribution for self-employed

My daughter is self-employed and has a business in her name. She is not required to contribute to CPF Ordinary Account (OA) and Special Account (SA). Only contribution is required for her Medisave account based on the year’s net trade … Continue reading

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Reduce and Benefit

We used to buy paintings and have them framed. Over the years, we collected a fair amount of paintings – Chinese brush paintings, oil paintings, water colour paintings. Our home only has that many walls and we cannot put up … Continue reading

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Disruptive Idea – Set up a Ministry for Small Businesses (MSB)

When I was in Taiwan, I saw small businesses thrive. These business owners continue to operate successfully. Taiwan’s night markets are well known to tourists. I wonder whether Singapore can follow suit and encourage individuals to strike out on their … Continue reading

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“The first phone call from heaven” by Mitch Albom – A Book Review

This novel by Mitch Albom had been out since 2013. I only get to read it recently. Like his earlier books, Mitch Albom’s latest was such a hit with readers. It was so wonderfully written with a story that touches … Continue reading

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Foreign workers constitute 25% of total population. This is significant.

One in four of population is a foreign worker in Singapore. Total population in Singapore was 5,399,200 last year. Of which, 1,320,000 were foreign workers making up 25% of total population. Ministry of Manpower reported that as at the end … Continue reading

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